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Dr. Monica Marcu is noted worldwide for her expertise on Moringa, as she has decades of experience in studying a variety of plants. Her study and research of Moringa is incorporated in her book Miracle Tree, a long-time favorite of Zija Independent Distributors. As a member of the Zija Product Advisory Council, she will be sharing her expertise and findings on Moringa. Below she explains news, updates, and discoveries regarding Moringa.
While undernourished people from the drylands of the Earth embraced more and more the miraculous local resource moringa tree, Westerners continued to add various parts of this “vegetable tree” to their diet to enrich it, and multiple teams of scientists around the world discovered more secrets, uses and diverse applications of the moringa as: biodiesel, waste and potable water purifier, additive for food packaging to preserve freshness, staple food or nutritious supplement for humans, animals and soil (fertilizer).

Resilient, fast-growing and mighty generous, moringa trees seem to be an inexhaustible source of treasures for countless needs. But some challenges related to the efficient cultivation and harvesting of genetically uniform moringa from dedicated farms remain, so that is another research topic in itself. Easier to preserve than fresh, powdered moringa leaves are one of the novel ingredients in trendy energy/power bars, pastries, sweets, pasta, beverages and smoothies recently, in more and more countries. Knowledge, uses, recipes and fruitful science of moringa are growing continuously, and faster than ever.

More and more beauty companies are interested to explore the health and cosmeceutical properties of the “miracle tree”. Since certain moringa compounds have powerful anti-aging properties, they protect the skin and hair from environmental stresses. Moringa is therefore found lately in many cosmetics, from lotions to soaps and shampoos. The oil, especially, is gaining more recognition for its powerful emollient and nourishing qualities. On the other hand, oftentimes substitute or even fake oils are claiming moringa’s power—so buyer beware!

An interesting, new feature of moringa seeds was recently discovered. These seeds were known to purify water (by removing impurities and bacterial load), but new data shows that the moringa seeds can also be used for separation of different materials in mining or chemical industries—and these branches affect all other economic and industrial activities, as well as pollution of the environment. By using moringa, the need for costly or toxic chemicals could be reduced. This is indeed an exciting and unexpected property of the “miracle tree” seeds, that are already considered for the production of biodiesel.

As if old uses were not enough, a new, modern application of moringa seems to be in packaging of foods. It is known that many packaging materials contain toxic additives, some even carcinogenic (inducing cancer). But good preservation of freshness, quality and flavor is definitely important for products such as raw meat. Moringa oleifera leaf extract was an effective additive for preservation of raw beef stored in controlled oxygen atmosphere, and this extract can be used as a natural antioxidant in this process. Safe and clean! Another recently described application, this time for animals care, is for the farming of sea creatures such as prawns. Moringa extract proved to be an effective natural antibiotic that can be used to safeguard the cultures of prawns in dedicated farms. Again, this means less costly and potentially dangerous chemicals and antibiotics present in seafood.

In medicine, the race to uncover the medicinal properties of moringa continued at many institutions. Now research continues on moringa’s related compounds. Are you amazed? You should be! Moringa continues to surprise us in so many fields, the “miracle tree” well deserves its name.




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